What Gemba Walking Means

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Video Learning Objective: Define gemba walking.


Course Description: “Genchi genbutsu” (the longer, more specific name for “gemba”) is Japanese for “going to the place to understand the situation.” This is a core principle of lean. Gemba walking is often misunderstood and performed incorrectly, making it ineffective. The main purpose of going to the gemba is to enhance leadership skills by understanding the process, identifying waste, and taking the opportunity to teach. Learn how to gemba walk properly and ways to increase the effectiveness of your walks. You'll see a number of different ways to gemba walk, first you’ll see the wrong way, then the right way. You’ll learn about the characteristics of a good gemba walker, who should do the gemba walking, how to use a little bit of drama to make your point, the different types of gemba walks, and critical do’s and dont’s.

Target Audience: Management, team leaders
Course ID: C0700