Pricing Model

It costs just a few dollars a year per employee to view one of our video training series. If you’re like most companies, you spend more per employee per year on paper towels or coffee.

Video subscription

A subscription to one of our video series is for one year, for one “site.” The price depends on the total number of employees at the site, not just the number of employees you initially intend to train (see the example table below). There are no per seat, per person, or other charges.

What is a “site?”

A site is a specific and single physical location—a building, plant, factory, facility, hospital, office, station, base, etc.

Everyone has access

To give your students access to the videos, you simply email them the subscription code, they self-register on our site, and begin watching the videos immediately. Simple.

Multiple sites?

For companies that have multiple sites, talk to us about an enterprise subscription.

Unique situation?

If you have a very unique company structure, for example, a field sales or technical service organization with staff working out of their homes where there is no “site” in the traditional sense, or your sites are numerous yet sparsely populated, give us a call and we’ll do what we can to construct a license that makes financial sense for you.

Price example

We have designed our pricing to ensure that smaller sites don’t pay significantly more per employee than a large site would. The table below shows how we have divided sites into the following employee brackets, and shows the pricing for our main video series.

Pricing Example

Video Series: Creating and Sustaining Lean Improvements

(264 videos and growing!)

Total number of employees at a site Price for one year video series subscription
1-100 $2,000
101-250 $3,000
251-500 $4,000
501 + $6,000

We recognize that only some of the employees at a site may be assigned to watch the videos; that is built into our pricing model. Prices for other series is shown on the website page for that series.

Small business or non-profit?

We have special programs and pricing for you! Please contact us.


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