Support FAQs


Should the video courses be watched in a specific order?

Not necessarily. If there is a specific topic you’re interested in, just go straight to that course.

Are your videos targeted for a specific industry?

No. Our videos are designed for a variety of industries including but not limited to manufacturing, service industries, healthcare, aviation, and government. If any video is designed for one specific industry it will be clearly noted.

Are there prerequisites for your training programs?

No, our videos are suitable for all—as a place to begin your learning or to expand and expand what you aleady know after years of experience.

Are your videos available in foreign languages?

Yes, our videos can be translated into any foreign language. We don’t use subtitles, rather we use voiceover as done at the United Nations as well as major media outlets like CNN, BBC, etc.. Please contact us to discuss your translation needs.


Am I able to cancel my subscription? Will I be able to receive a refund?

Yes, you may obtain a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Are the videos available on DVD?

No, DVD technology has become obsolete. However, if you need to view the videos offline, they are available for download.

Can I download the videos?

Yes, you may purchase a downloadable version so the videos can be viewed offline. We provide access to download the actual video files, or we can send a USB thumb drive so you can transfer the files to your hard drive. A code is issued that unlocks access to the videos for the period of your subscription. There is an additional fee to receive downloadable videos.

Keep in mind that video files are huge, so a video series download can be as large as 15GB in size which translates to hours of downloading, but at the completion of the download you will be able to watch the videos immediately.

We recommend using the streaming video format because our videos are in HD (high definition) and optimized for internet delivery, but in situations where you don’t have a reasonable or reliable internet connection, downloading the videos provides a solution.

What is a “site subscription?”

A site is a specific and single physical location, whether it’s an office building, plant, hospital, etc. If you work on a campus with multiple divisions in separate buildings, or your company has multiple locations across a region, country, or the globe, we will consider you an “enterprise” customer which requires an enterprise subscription. Please contact us so we can create a subscription plan that works best for you. Click here to view our pricing model.

Can we get a discount for multiple sites?

Yes, we offer a significant discount for multi-site customers. Please contact us to discuss options.

How many people can use a single subscription?

Since we use a site subscription model, not a per-person subscription model, everyone at your site can be given access to the subscription. The price of your subscription depends on the number of employees there.

Do you have special pricing for an individual?

Yes, if you’re not connected with a business or other organization, and will use the videos strictly for personal use, we have special discounted pricing available. Please contact us.

Is it possible to receive a price reduction for very small businesses, educational institutions, or non-profit organizations?

Yes! We have special pricing for these organizations. Please contact us to discuss a plan that will work for your organization.


Can we have our own private “portal” on your website with our company’s branding?

Yes, please contact us for details.

Can you customize your videos for our organization or create custom videos just for us?

Yes and yes. For some organizations this is an ideal training solution. We use your employees, your branding, your facilities, your projects. Please contact us to discuss.


Is in-person consulting available to support and expand on the video training?

Absolutely. Kaizen Institute is a world leader in continuous improvement training and we are eager to assist you in achieving your company’s goals. Please contact us to discuss or visit our global website here.


Is it possible to purchase a subscription using a purchase order?

Of course you can place an order with a purchase order. Please see our Purchase Order Policy.

How long will it take for my videos to be available?

For online streaming videos paid by credit care, access is immediate.
For online streaming videos paid by purchase order, access is granted when we receive the PO and issue an invoice.


What are the system requirements to view our videos?

One of the great things about modern computer technology is most computers can play video without the pausing/stuttering/headaches of years past. That said, your internet connection is going to play the biggest role in the quality of viewing at KAIZEN™ Online.
Our videos are delivered to automatically reduce image quality when there is not enough bandwidth to deliver the top HD video quality.

The video player isn’t showing

The video player we use in our videos requires JavaScript to be enabled. For various reasons, some IT departments disable JavaScript. Contact your IT department to make sure your company’s policies allow JavaScript to be turned on. If JavaScript is permitted, go into your browser settings to turn it on. To enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, click here: Follow the links and steps for the browser you are using.

Why can’t I hear the audio as my video plays?

Begin with the basics: Is the volume in your computer settings turned up? If using external speakers, are they turned on and turned up sufficiently?

If the audio problem isn’t either of these things, there might be a problem with the sound settings/codecs in your computer—contact your IT department.

My videos are running slowly, how can I fix that?

Sometimes your web browser seems to slow down or you experience errors on websites that usually function properly. Try to correct this by refreshing your browser’s cache which is a place on your hard disk that your computer downloads temporary files to.

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