Creating and Sustaining Kaizen and Lean Improvements

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How to Integrate Principles, Culture, and Tools

Introduction to Kaizen
Everyday improvement, everywhere improvement, everybody improvement
Course C0200 contains 3 videos.
Boost Lean Effectiveness Through the Quality System
Eliminate duplication, waste, and redundancy; align quality and lean to work together
Course C0300 contains 26 videos.
Current State Using Management Review; Future State Using Hoshin Kanri
How to use lean thinking to evaluate and monitor the present, and plan for the future
Course C0400 contains 7 videos.
Create a Continuous Improvement and Lean Culture
Understand how leadership style intimately affects the creation of a lean culture
Course C0500 contains 5 videos.
Making Lean a Way of Life
Four activities that reinforce a lean culture
Course C0600 contains 10 videos.
Lead Through Gemba Walking
Watch the right and wrong ways to perform this core lean activity
Course C0700 contains 15 videos.
Integrate Gemba Walking and Quality Auditing
Eliminate waste by combining two activities into one
Course C0800 contains 11 videos.
Training Within Industry (TWI)
The missing link in lean
Course C0900 contains 9 videos.
TWI Job Instructions (JI)
How to structure a respectful training process to ensure workforce competency
Course C1000 contains 21 videos.
Lean Product and Process Development (LPPD)
Some of the biggest waste occurs in engineering areas
Course C1200 contains 21 videos.
Decision Making with Nemawashi
Build consensus, make wise decisions, and implement rapidly
Course C1400 contains 31 videos.
Root Cause Analysis: Building the Right Culture
How management can emphasize the importance of finding root causes
Course C1600 contains 6 videos.
5S—What Every Manager Should Know To Make It Successful
It's not a tool, poster, or program—It's a new way of life
Course C1900 contains 13 videos.
Preparing For The 5S Event
Have all the resources ready to ensure success
Course C2000 contains 7 videos.
Executing a 5S Event
The secrets to successful and sustained results
Course C2100 contains 31 videos.
Building a Culture of Mistake Proofing
See errors as avoidable, create a no blame environment, increase respect for employees
Course C2700 contains 11 videos.
Methods of Mistake Proofing and Poka Yoke
Choose a method appropriate to the situation
Course C2800 contains 7 videos.
Use Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) to Mistake Proof and Manage Risks
Bring practical and effective methods to problem prevention
Course C2900 contains 14 videos.
Manage Risk at All Three Levels of the Organization
Reduce risk in your products and processes, projects, companywide and strategic decisions
Course C3000 contains 17 videos.