Benefits of Our Video Training

Need some help convincing your boss? Maybe yourself?

We are part of Kaizen Institute

Kaizen Institute is the foremost provider of kaizen, lean, and continuous improvement in the world, with expert consultants in more than 60 countries. KAIZEN™ Online draws on this vast knowledge and brings the expertise of many together for easy access to video training on the web.

“Pure Improvement” is our motto—and what we do for our clients.

Our subscription formula is simple

When you subscribe to one of KAIZEN™ Online’s video training series, your subscription is available to everyone at your work site that wants to use it, whether 5 or 500 employees. Our site subscription is clear, simple, scalable, predictable, fixed cost, and a snap to implement. You don’t have to call us when you hire new employees so they can access training too; adding someone is easily done directly through your account. Further, our training videos can be accessed off site if someone is traveling, working from home, etc.

For companies with multiple sites, talk to us about an enterprise / multi-site subscription.

If you have a very unique company structure, i.e., a field sales or technical service organization with staff working from the road or their homes where there is no “site” in the traditional sense, or your sites are numerous but sparsely populated, call us and we’ll do what we can to construct a special subscription agreement that makes financial sense for you.

Practical training, practical examples, and practical actions to take

The training found at KAIZEN™ Online is practical and easy to implement. We provide an abundance of examples, from many industries, and communicate our message in a clear, simple, conversational, and entertaining way.

Confidence in the content

Our videos are based on many years of hands-on experience. We’ve seen it all: The opposers, the questioners, the doubters, lack of management support, unrealistic expectations, a short-term view about what enormous gains are possible… So, when you hear a recommendation in one of our videos, you can be confident that it’s based on real-world experience that create success.

Learning in small bites

KAIZEN™ Online training courses are broken down into very short, concise videos that cover a single important aspect of a given subject. Most of our videos have a run time of two to four minutes. They are long enough to be informative and educational, yet short enough to maintain interest. It makes it very easy to assign videos for employees to watch—because they’re so short! Imagine saying to a class, “you’ll have a homework assignment every night of class.” You know it won’t be a positive response. But when they find out each night’s homework is only three minutes long, and it’s an engaging video, you can expect attitudes to change very quickly!

The shortness of our videos makes it easy to include videos in with your classroom training. Many of our clients scatter our videos throughout their classroom training to help maintain interest, provide examples, and add more weight to the lessons.

Make your trainers more valuable

Many trainers maintain that there is a one to five ratio in the amount of time needed to cover a given amount of training material using video instruction versus standard classroom instruction. In other words, a video can convey in three minutes what it takes an instructor in a classroom 15 minutes to cover. Why? Because a properly scripted and illustrated video gets right to the point and doesn’t let distractions derail the lesson. There is no substitute for effective classroom teaching, but it can be made more comprehensive and efficient by using video as your core instructional content. There will be more time for classroom instructors to do what only they can do most effectively—facilitate, coordinate, and coach.

Flexible deployment

Our website is designed with the latest in high definition (HD) video deployment technology, on all platforms. Our goal is to have a seamless integration of training on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, with the layout of the website instantly morphing to the device you are currently using.

You spend more on paper towels for each employee

A bit shocking, but true. Using our main lean series of videos as an example, for a 100 person site, the cost per person is $20 per year. For a 500 person site it is $6 per year. Does that put your priorities into perspective?