Summary—Current State Using Management Review; Future State Using Hoshin Kanri

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Course Description: "In the lean world, we all know that before making improvements we need to study and understand the current state. This is very familiar to lean experts, especially to those who perform value stream mapping. Before you develop the future state, you need to walk, lay out, define, study, and see the waste in the current state. So, why don’t we take this approach to developing the future state of the business via strategic planning by analyzing the current state of the business, seeing the waste, and then developing the future state? This training course focuses on looking at the current state of our business and explores methods of transitioning to the future state, developing strategic plans through hoshin kanri. Then we compare how this activity relates to the requirement of a management review in a typical quality management system. Originated in Japan, hoshin kanri is a step-by-step planning, implementation, and review process for managed change. It's a systems approach to the management of change in critical business processes."

Target Audience: Management, lean leaders, quality managers
Course ID: C0400