Different Levels of Leader Standard Work

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Video Learning Objective: Identify different levels of leader standard work.


Course Description: "To make lean a way of life requires a daily demonstration of commitment, supported not by just the right words, but especially by the right, and visible, actions. At the core of a lean culture are four specific activities that establish the habits to support a lean transformation. They are: Leader standard work Visual management Daily accountability meetings Gemba walking Leader standard work establishes the regular activities that must be done to constantly seek out and remove waste. Visual management creates an instant view of how processes are performing, can be seen by all, and promotes immediate action. Daily accountability meetings keep everyone informed of the current status of work, pending changes, and provides a forum for public review of action items. Gemba walking keeps leaders in touch with the details of their processes, and promotes communication between leaders and employees carrying out the work. If you had to explain what a “lean leader” does that is different from what a typical manager does, these four activities would form the basis of your answer.

Target Audience: Management
Course ID: C0600