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Contains 18 short courses with 262 videos

Creating and Sustaining Lean Improvements

How to Integrate Principles, Culture, and Tools

A culture of continuous improvement at all levels and within all processes and departments is key to success. Everyone in an organization should participate, not just problem-solvers, not just the quality department, not only lean experts, but everyone. Starting with top management, everyone in an organization can improve company performance and profitability using effective lean methodology. Teach everyone, simply and directly, how to implement and sustain lean improvements to increase not just your bottom line but employee satisfaction too. This series includes chapters entitled “How To Make Lean a Way of Life,” “Lead Through Gemba Walking,” “Root Cause Analysis” and many more.

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KAIZEN™ Change Model

Contains short courses with videos

KAIZEN™ Change Model

Create change capabilities and a Continuous Improvement culture

Kaizen Institute has more than 30 years of experience in change management. The KAIZEN™ Change Model (KCM) is designed to create change capabilities and a Continuous Improvement culture. Our Change Model is an integrated four-pillar system consisting of Daily KAIZEN™, Leaders KAIZEN™, Support KAIZEN™ and Breakthrough KAIZEN™, which enables any organization to create a culture of Continuous Improvement.

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Contains 4 short courses with 40 videos

Ice Breakers with Magic

Make the point more memorable with magic!

Make up your next team gathering, training session, or safety meeting with these short and magical videos illustrating important business topics such as teamwork, risk management, customer service, and more. Each of the 10 topics is presented in four different costumes, pick the one that best represents your industry.

Choose from these costumes:

  • Jeans, boots, and work shirts (representing the shop floor, factory, manufacturing, construction, warehouse, etc.)
  • Medical scrubs (representing health care)
  • Lab coats (representing medical, electronics, food processing, lab, etc.)
  • Dress pants, open collar shirt, and sport coat (business casual attire)

Tom Ogden, magician to corporations, celebrities, and heads of state, teaches principles of business using magic as a vivid and unforgettable metaphor.

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Contains short courses with videos

GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerencing)

A system for defining and communicating engineering tolerances

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is a symbolic language for specifying and communicating permissible limits of imperfection for machine part features in order to guarantee assembly and operation prior to drawing release. Applied to 2D engineering drawings or, better, to 3D CAD models, it is the only basis for truly functional tolerance stack-up analysis, and for get-it-right-the-first-time manufacturing and coordinate metrology.

The challenge – Because of its complexity, most GD&T is largely “decorative” and requires “interpretation,” making it dangerous, tending toward useless. To actually deliver its amazing gifts, it must be carefully “encoded” and uniquely “decoded,” which are the foundation concepts in this training video set. Presented by Bill Tandler, founder and president of Multi Metrics Inc, and produced by Quality Digest and RocketSpots.

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About our video Training Programs

Our videos fall under the broad topic of continuous improvement (kaizen, lean, quality, etc.). These are streaming videos, not DVDs. For trainers that want to show them in classrooms without a good internet connection, a download option is available.


A subscription to one of our video series is for one year, for one “site.” The price depends on the total number of employees at the site. See pricing model.